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Je danse donc je suis. - 我舞故我在。




Je danse donc je suis -- Je ne sais pas ce qu’est Dieu. Je pourrais vous dire ce qu’il n’est pas. Ce qui n’implique pas que je sache ce qu’il est. Or, la danse, je sais... Tout... Dans la danse, je suis là, je sais, et tout est là comme il est.



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 上个月,4月28日,莫斯科大剧院著名芭蕾艺术家Ekaterina Maximova在莫斯科去世,享年71岁。她和他的丈夫,著名芭蕾艺术家Vladimir Vassiliev,是一对芭蕾史上的传奇人物, 活跃在莫斯科大剧院的舞台上长达30年。Maximova演绎了剧团古典保留剧目中从吉赛尔到Kitri的所有主要角色,包括了Grigorovitch在任时期所编的所有芭蕾作品。她的丈夫曾特别为她编了芭蕾舞剧Anyuta。她跳的最后的角色之一是与英国国家芭蕾舞团合作的《奥涅金》中的Tatiana。

旧闻二则 - Enya - Enya 的芭蕾世界

Source: http://www.bolshoi.ru/



“…suddenly, at 71 years of age. This Bolshoi Ballet ‘baby’, who developed into a marvelous tragic actress, a ballerina of the Thaw, the glory of Russian ballet, the ornament and pride of any foreign company with which she appeared, the dancer of Grigorovich, Bejart, Petit, Lacotte, a television star, charm personified, the eternal feminine component of the immortal Maximova-Vasiliev duet, beloved by her pupils at the Bolshoi and Kremlin Ballet, Madame No (such was her nickname), who said a firm ‘yes’ forever to the art form she chose, - this woman for all time. The motto of Yekaterina Maximova’s emblem is “Art thanks to skill”. She was a living example, the very epitome of these words. The Bolshoi Theatre mourns its great loss and offers its condolences to Yekaterina’s mother, Tatyana Maximova, and her husband – Vladimir Vasiliev.”

source: http://www.bolshoi.ru/ru/season/press-service/news/index.php?id26=1220

旧闻二则 - Enya - Enya 的芭蕾世界 

Source: http://www.bolshoi.ru/


演员生平(可惜是俄文,看不懂)& 更多照片:



- Anyuta(1982)

- 胡桃夹子

- 资料片The Glory of the Bolshoi

- Dominique Delouche 老先生的芭蕾系列纪录片中专门为他们夫妇俩拍的片子:KATIA ET VOLODIA (1990)



5月9日,KIROV著名芭蕾艺术家、教育家Ninel Kurgapkina去世。

旧闻二则 - Enya - Enya 的芭蕾世界

Source: http://www.rudolfnureyev.org/

Ninel Kurgapkina于1929年2月13日生于列宁格勒即圣彼得堡,是瓦冈洛娃亲自教授的最后一批学生之一。1947年加入KIROV,演绎过团里保留节目中的大部分主要角色。从1972年起她担任瓦冈洛娃学校校长,同时还继续在团里作为明星演员演出,直到1981年离开舞台。


Kurgapkina作为舞蹈教育家,为KIROV/ Mariinsky培养了众多有名的芭蕾演员,如Uliana Lopatkina, Zhanna Ayupova, Irina Zhelonkina, Elvira Tarasova, Elena Sheshina, Evgenia Obraztsova, Tatiana Tkachenko...

有关她的影像资料,只见她出现在资料片“The Glory of the Kirov”之中,1959年和Nureyev一起参加维也纳青年艺术节,表演Laurencia中的六人舞;1960年和Boris Bregvadze一起跳的一段维也纳华尔兹; 1974和 Vadim Budarin一起跳的《海盗》双人舞。印象中她还在Nureyev的那几部纪录片中出现过,回头看看核实一下。


 The Mariinsky Theatre will be bidding farewell to Ninella Alexandrovna Kurgapkina

It is with great sadness that we announce the tragic death, on 8 May 2009, of outstanding ballerina and coach, People’s Artist of the USSR Ninella Alexandrovna Kurgapkina. We have lost one of the 20th century’s greatest ballerinas, who devoted over fifty years to art.

Ninella Kurgapkina’s life-affirming art, vivacious and exultant in nature, was in tune with her own era: the ballerina was at the height of her powers in the post-war age – a time of unconquerable optimism for a victorious nation. A graduate student of Agrippina Yakovlevna Vaganova in 1947, who together with her contemporaries had known the privations of study during the evacuation of Leningrad, Kurgapkina positively exuded all her unspent energy on stage, her whole youthful fire. A pupil of the renowned Vaganova, Ninella Kurgapkina also stood out for her strong technique, her irreproachable training and her absolute mastery of the profession. Her dance was in tune with Pushkin’s «profession bowing at the feet of art». She always trusted in the algebra of harmony, striving for impeccable performance levels.

Much of Kurgapkina’s repertoire comprised the solo roles in ballets created by her contemporaries – Parasha in The Bronze Horseman, Jeanne in Flames of Paris, Gayaneh in the ballet of the same name, Syuimbike in Shurale, Shirin in The Legend of Love and His Beloved in Shore of Hope. These roles suited the «earthly» character of the ballerina’s art.

Ninella Alexandrovna Kurgapkina enjoyed a long artistic career, intense in events, creative successes and discoveries and collaboration with contemporary choreographers. Her vast repertoire, itself worthy of detailed study, her mastery of dance technique, her brilliant memory and her great stage experience led to her appointment as a coach for the Theatre’s ballet company. She was able to pass on the secrets of her skills to the young artistes whom she coached at the Theatre. Ninella Alexandrovna Kurgapkina devoted over forty years of her life to teaching. Her students included Mariinsky Theatre prima ballerinas Ulyana Lopatkina, Irma Nioradze and Zhanna Ayupova and first soloists Yevgenia Obraztsova and Tatiana Tkachenko. Ninella Alexandrovna Kurgapkina’s activities as a teacher and coach were unbelievably focussed and productive. Her contribution to the preservation and development of the best traditions of Russian ballet was truly inestimable.

Valery Gergiev

and all at the Mariinsky Theatre

Source: http://www.mariinsky.ru/en

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